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  Sign with Your LOGO!  
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LOGO of a european society LOGO of an international awardshow More LOGOs and other products
Please read more about this issue LOGO for an architect


Programme for an event series


the RAMSAR Project
The playing and learning concept for a museum


PB Signet implementation
Graphic design as sign and seal


ESR Corporate Identity
Expression of an European Society


Hose macht'nen Ausflug (pants on vacation)
Children's book


Heidi Achter Folder.
Short image folder for a midwife


Goggi, the film
DVD cover design and conception



  Improve your Expression
Corporate identity and design
  Push up your WEBappeal
Web consulting and web design

This website contains information on the whole range of services and gives an insight into the way we work and what we have to offer. The scope of representative activities is broken down by topics and summarised in form of clearly arranged catalogue pages.

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L O O P . E N T E R P R I S E S media


Founded in 1997, LOOP.ENTERPRISES media aims to combine art, culture, economy and media. In cooperation with artists and business people we realise productions of the most various kinds. Consulting and coaching businesses and institutions in the fields of communication and design, LOOP.ENTERPRISES media offers comprehensive and wide-ranging implementation of production processes in print and electronic media as well as interior and form design.

LOOP.ENTERPRISES media operates within the framework of art as well as commercial productions. It creates marketing and communication strategies and corporate identity concepts. It handles assignments dealing with graphics, web design, screen design and media productions for such events as theatre, film or music. LOOP.ENTERPRISES media deals with the presentation of products to represent the client or product itself.